Using our God Given Gifts

     The Bible tells us that God gives us gifts and talents and he expects us to use them. The story of the talents even tells us that we will be rewarded by God based upon how well we put those gifts and talents to work. The parable Jesus told speaks of talents as money based on the culture of the day. But we know today that talents are more than just money. Talents are those special gifts we have that we know came straight from God; things that we have a natural gifting to do.

     One of my God-given gifts is writing. I have been published in newspapers and magazines for more than ten years and I have recently completed my first book, Home Should Be Safe-Hope and Help for Domestic Violence Victims. To further use that gift in myself and to encourage and nourish other writers I am starting a blog dedicated just to the subject of writing. The title for that blog is Writing Toward Heaven and the location is www.writingtowardheaven.wordpress.com

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