God’s Protection

“Momma Pray!” I knew from her tone of voice it was an emergency. My daughter told me they had tornado warnings out and she could hear the storm raging above their home just outside Ringgold, GA. I prayed with her immediately. I prayed for her and her husband’s safety through God’s protection. I prayed that God would calm the storm outside and calm the fear in her, a very realistic fear. Then I let her go to continue preparing and got on my email to call on every prayer warrior I knew. Then I continued to pray until she called me that the storm had passed.

The news is covered with reports of how bad the tornadoes in Georgia and Alabama were last week. But, I Thank God, my daughter and her husband are safe and sound. I grieve with those who lost loved ones and possessions and pray for God’s provision and comfort for them. But, I have been rejoicing in God’s protection for my family for days. She told me the tornado only missed her housing development by less than a quarter-mile.

Their little town was leveled by all reports and now the cleaning and rebuilding process begins. All we could think about was when similar tornadoes devastated Xenia, OH first in the 1970’s and later in the late 1990’s. They have rebuilt twice. Ringgold will rebuild as well. The scenery will change, the landscape will change, the town’s layout will change. But, the spirit of that town’s residents will continue. I haven’t been able to visit there for more than a year. I look forward to the progress they will have made by my next visit by the end of the year, whether small or great.

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