Easter – He is Alive!

Easter has always been my favorite holiday and no, not for the Easter bunny. Most people love Christmas and I do for several reasons. It is both the celebration of my savior’s birth and my son’s birthday is Christmas Eve. But, Easter is Resurrection Day. The day that Jesus, the son of God, rose victorious from the grave after taking the keys of death and hell away from the devil. All the old is made new. All sins are forgiven. The whole world gets a fresh start by believing him Jesus and accepting him and Lord and Savior.

I am one who doesn’t particularly like winter. I suppose I use to when I was a child or when my children were small. But, now the only time I enjoy the snow and is when I can curl up in my home and watch it snow. I don’t like to fight traffic or take the chance of falling (I am so graceful you know).  But, Easter is the official entrance of Spring despite the number of Easter’s we have had snow on Easter Sunday. (Ladies, do you remember the times you wore your Easter finery and your open toed shoes only to find it freezing and snowing when you walked outside?).

 I don’t know what the weather will be like tomorrow morning. It’s been raining for two weeks and the temperature can’t make up it’s mind. But, regardless of the weather one thing is for certain.  Jesus is Alive! My sins are forgiven! Now that’s something to sing and dance about.

Happy Easter!

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