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This week we celebrate Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for in my life. First and foremost I am thankful that I am saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. We all go through difficulties in our lives and I can’t imagine facing the trials of life without the grace and strength of my Lord. The Bible states that the joy of the Lord is my strength therefore my relationship with Christ is the source of my strength.

I am thankful for my two grown children, their spouses and my four wonderful grandchildren. Although I raised my children alone after a divorce caused by domestic abuse, they have grown up to love and to serve God; they have happy marriages, successful careers and are raising their children to love God as well. My children are my greatest blessing in this life. It is an honor being mother and grandmother and I love spending time with them and watching them grow in the Lord daily.

I am thankful for the gift of writing God has granted me. It is a joy to be able to use this creative gift to inform, to instruct, and to entertain others. Whether I am writing an article to publish, a speech to help someone express themselves, a class to teach or a story to entertain, the passion to write gives me great joy. Although I developed a love to read at a very young age and my English skills were always strong I didn’t begin to write until after my divorce. My overwhelming emotions required an outlet and were expressed through writing.

Over the years my writing developed from a private outlet to a means to boost my self-esteem and is now a small business for me. My goal now is to continue to develop my writing so that in every way possible it will become my full-time source of income. There’s an old saying that goes, “Find what you love to do and you will never work a day in your life.” Well, writing is what I love to do and what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I thank God daily for these and other blessings in my life.

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