New Seasons – New Adventures

     Life is an ongoing journey with seasons ever changing. Our jobs and hobbies may change many times but there are always some things about us that never change. For me it is a love of books. I have been a voracious reader since I first learned to read. From mysteries to science fiction to historical fiction to non-fiction I have read a little bit of everything.

     I remember as a little girl dreaming of my future home when I grew up there was one thing I wanted in my home and that was a study. Does anyone remember the old television series The Big Valley? It was a western in the 1960’s, a family saga of a widowed mother with three grown sons and one grown daughter. The oldest son was a lawyer and the room where he spent most of his time was a study. It held a large, masculine wood desk with just as masculine leather chairs.

     The best part of the room was the wall to wall, floor to ceiling, built in book shelves filled with books of all kinds. I fell in love with that study and although I’ve never been able to have my own personal study with wall to wall, floor to ceiling books but I have continued to collect my favorite books of all genres.

     That love of reading led to a love of writing followed by editing, public speaking and consulting. My newest adventure is a book business which I’ve named Hat Rack Books, LLC. It is a mobile and online book store. My launch event is called Adventures in Creativity and will be held Saturday, November 15, 2014. The location is the Courtyard Marriott hotel just off Roberts Road at I 270 Exit 10. It will run from 9 AM to 9 PM.

     Adventures in Creativity is a Trade Fair of Christian Creatives. This year I have gathered a variety of Christian Creatives that includes authors and graphic designers. The event is open to the public and provides the public the perfect opportunity to meet local authors and have the books they buy autographed by the author as well as meet graphic designers and examine their variety of services. 

     Keep watching here for updates on this first annual event for Hat Rack Books, LLC.

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