And God Created

And God Created by Mina R Raulston

Attention all Professional Christian Creatives: that means all Christians who work in a creative career. That includes writers, editors, designers, artists of all kinds, basically any career that is creative. There are only two requirements. First that you are a Christian and second that you work and earn some part of your income in your creative endeavors, full or part-time.

Why am I reaching out to this specific group of people? Because I believe that creativity come straight from God and as he created some people to be business geniuses he also created some people to be artists of all kinds. I also believe that as Christians we need to support other Christians whenever we buy creative works or hire someone to do creative work for us. So, I am developing a Christian Creative Directory so that Christians who want to buy a creative work or hire a creative person to do work for them they have the option of buying from or hiring a Christian Creative first. And, Christian Creatives will have a place to list their information where other Christians can find them.

Aren’t there other Christian directories in existence? Yes, there are other Christian business directories out there but there are few listings for Christian Creatives. They are mostly geared for traditional businesses and non-profit organizations. Christian Creatives are a different breed. Many times we don’t run a traditional business or at least we don’t start out that way.

We begin doing our creative work simply for the love of doing it. A writer can’t not write. A painter can’t not paint. A wood-carver can’t stop him/herself from sitting down with a beautiful piece of wood and doing something with it. It is part of who we are and when it becomes bottled up inside us we become miserable and depressed. So, we create whether we have an audience or not. Some may always do it as a hobby but many of us turn it into our life’s work. After all, what better career can you have than something you love to do?

So, Attention All Christian Creatives: If you are interested in listing your Christian Creative business of products or services to sell, contact me by email at   christiancreatives@minaraulston.com with your name and email address and the type of creative work you do. Once I hear from you I will send you a brief questionnaire to see if you meet the requirements and spell out the directory parameters between you and Christian Creatives. Once I receive your completed questionnaire and you are approved I will send you more information on when the directory will be available, etc.

Also, if you know of other Christian Creatives who might be interested please tell them to contact me at the same email address christiancreatives@minaraulston.com

God bless you and keep on creating.

Mina R Raulston – President – Christian Creatives

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