Economic Crisis Traps Abuse Victims

According to a report released by CHOICES Domestic Violence Shelter in Columbus Ohio, the current economic crisis is directly affecting domestic violence victims. One of the questions people ask me regarding domestic violence victims is this: “Why do they stay or why do they return? “Ohio Domestic Violence Network ODVN surveyed 81 shelters and non-residential providers of domestic violence services and this was one of the findings: More than half said the number of survivors returning to their abusers for economic reasons is on the rise.”




The report states that because of the economic crisis many victims are either remaining with their abuser or returning to their abuser because they can’t find a job or have lost a job. With no means of financial support they feel they have no other choice.

This very real economic problem shines a light on a very misunderstood situation. Victims are held in prison in their own homes where they are abused, threatened with abuse and have their self esteem consistently torn down by the abuser who repeatedly tells them they can’t make it on their own and no one else would have them. They are caught in a catch 22 where the abusers taunting comments are fulfilled because of real economic problems.

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