Dangerous Illusions Book Review

I really enjoy Irene Hannon’s books. They each tell a riveting story with surprises all the way to end. And Dangerous Illusions does not disappoint. Step into the life of Trish Bailey, daughter of wealthy parents who chooses to become an art teacher in an inner-city school. She is struggling to deal with the sudden passing of her critically ill mother, only to be told by the police that the death is suspicious and she is the main suspect. Enter Detective Colin Flynn whose job is to learn the truth of whether the woman’s death was an accident or worse. Join them in the intense investigation, with all its unexpected twists and turns, to the final conclusion. An exciting read from beginning to end.

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Book Review – All She Left Behind

All She Left Behind is a historical novel written about real people who lived in Oregon in the 1870’s. It tells the story of a young woman who wanted to be a doctor, but struggled with reading and writing. It has a more realistic tenor to it than just a novel based on history. That said, it tells a bittersweet, melancholy story of the stories of a woman forced to deal with a husband and son bound by addiction. Even after her husband divorced her, the shame of that marriage and his behavior followed her throughout her life despite the joys and successes she achieved. Although the story is well written, I personally prefer more optimistic stories. But the author provides historic evidence in the author’s notes of the story, so the story stays true to the facts of this woman’s life.

Book Review: These Healing Hills

Women have always fought great struggles to work in the medical profession. Author Ann H. Gabhart tells wonderful historical stories of women’s accomplishments in many professions, and she doesn’t disappoint in These Healing Hills. Francine Howard had an interest in medicine but thought she’d put that behind her once she married and had her own family, until the man she loved jilted her. So, she put that dream behind her to become a Frontier Nurse in the mountains of Kentucky, against the wishes of her mother. But, unlike most of the Frontier Nurses, who saw the work as a job, Francine came to love the people and the country. Get a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and curl up to walk in Francine’s shoes as she builds a new life for herself.

Disclosure: Revell Books provided me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: Cherished Mercy

Tracie Peterson wraps up her series Heart of the Frontier series with Cherished Mercy. The youngest of three sisters, Mercy has grown up on the frontier. She survived the wagon train west. She survived the Whitman Massacre. Now a young woman she has a desire for peace between the natives and the white man, while many only want the natives gone. Travel with this brave young woman who goes to live with a missionary couple to help the wife with a difficult pregnancy. While there she survives the hardships and the loss of her friends but develops a relationship with the couple’s adopted child and the brother of the missionary. Walk with her as she grows as a woman and a missionary in her own right. A wonderful historical read by Peterson.

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Book Review: The Promise of Dawn

Lauraine Snelling has kept readers coming back for more ever since she started writing books about her Norwegian ancestors. After writing about Norwegians who settled North and South Dakota covering several generations, she has moved her story to the woods of Minnesota with a brand new family, Rune and Signe Carlson. After working and scrapping to save their money, then accepting fare money from their relative in America, they arrive in New York City. They are shocked at how different it is from previous immigrants’ letters home, but they are determined to succeed. As always, Snelling tells a compelling story of how these early settlers overcame unimaginable odds to build a new life out of the wilderness. This heartwarming story offers yet another lens into the lives of the people who settled America and made it their own.

Disclosure: Bethany House Publishers provided me a copy of this book to do an honest review.

Book Review – Chasing Secrets

Chasing Secrets is Book 4 in the series Elite Guardians, written by Lynette Eason. Not your typical bodyguard agency, this company is “manned” mostly by women, beautiful women. But, don’t let their beauty fool you. Each and every one has special skills from law enforcement to Special Forces. Rest assured, they can protect their charges. Take a walk on the dangerous side with Haley Callaghan as she faces the nightmares of her childhood in West Ireland, as she pursues justice in her adopted home of South Carolina. Go along with Haley and Detective Steven Rothwell as they work to discover the secrets she can’t remember, the dangers assaulting her now, and stop a killer before she is killed. All the while she’s trying to get to know an Irish grandfather she didn’t know she had. Another great book by Lynette Eason that will be a great get-away for her current fans as well as her new fans.

Book Review

As a mother and grandmother, I am always on the lookout for a good devotional for mothers. I found just that in, Praying for Girls, Asking God for the Things They Need Most, by Teri Lynne Underwood. She offers a devotional and prayers for a daughter’s identity, heart, mind, relationships, and her purpose. She then speaks a little wisdom to mom for herself and how to speak to her daughter whether she’s a little girl, middle girl, and older girl. She finishes it off with two special sections just for Mom, something many devotionals don’t consider. I’ll be gifting this book to my own daughter and her little girl.