Blind Betrayal Book Review

Blind Betrayal is the newest book in Nancy Mehl’s  “Defenders of Justice series”. Her lead characters are U.S. Marshals working to get a witness to Washington to testify on an important case. Although the circumstances are somewhat expected, being followed by hired hit men, racing against time, losing contact with their headquarters, etc., the story of how they overcome these challenges is not boring. Join Marshals Casey and E.J. as they as they learn to trust each other again and find a way to complete their mission before it’s too late.


Cold Water (Samuel Parker) Book Review by Mina R Raulston

As thankful as I am to Revell Books for providing me with books to review, I have to say that this book was not one that I enjoyed. It’s not about the writing. I have no problem with the writing. I am just not a fan of scary thrillers. A good mystery, yes. A good crime story, yes. But, this book is thriller through and through. It even has a supernatural touch to it with the “sinister force” that inhabits the main character, Michael. If you like a thriller, then you will love this. But, if you don’t enjoy sitting on the edge of your seat terrified of what will happen next, then you won’t.