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Secrets of My Heart Book Review by Mina R. Raulston

Tracie Peterson’s new book, Secrets of My Heart is the first in her new series Willamette Brides. She tells the story of Nancy, a young widow and Seth, her childhood friend who has become a lawyer. In the midst of this they find much intrigue regarding her late husband’s business affairs. Imagine trying to make sense of finding so many confusing things and learning your husband was not the man you thought him to be. In the midst of this I was pleased to learn that Nancy is related to characters from a previous series, but I’ll leave that for you to learn. Be sure to read this new book by Tracie Peterson. You won’t regret it.

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A Life Once Dreamed Book Review by Mina R. Raulston

Lead characters Agnes and James had once dreamed of a life together until Agnes learned something that changed everything and she ran away. Six years later they find one another in a western town where Agnes ran to escape what she learned. Will their dream get a second chance or will her secret be too much for James? Rachel Fordham’s new book, A Life Once Dreamed takes readers on a trip of dreams. Join her on this trip to discover what dreams are made of. You won’t be able to put it down until you learn their whole story.

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An Appalachian Summer Book Review by Mina R. Raulston

Ann H. Gabhart is one of my favorite historical authors. She writes her stories with true historical accuracy, but even manages to tell the hard stories with a positive outlook. She has done that beautifully in An Appalachian Summer. Her characters, Piper and Jamie have known each other since childhood but things around them have changed since they grew up. Each has to take chances they never thought about, and make decisions they’d never imagined in order to make a life that sings with joy. Go with them on this adventure of a lifetime and see where it takes them.

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What Momma Left Behind – book review by Mina R. Raulston

This newest novel by Cindy K. Sproles is a well-written tale about a time in the history of the Appalachian mountains when influenza and typhoid tore through this isolated territory. She tells a painful tale of a young woman who made difficult choices and endured terrible hardship that she was not prepared to face. Ms. Sproles goes deep and tells a heart-wrenching story that rings true of the people and the time. It was a little too emotional for me, but she couldn’t have written it any other way and still be true to history.

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Silent Shadows Book Review by Mina R. Raulston

When I read Book 2 in the Harbored Secrets series, Living Lies I was interested in this new author. The book showed promise for the series and the author, so I readily accepted the opportunity to read and review Book 3, Silent Shadows. I looked forward to this new book. It was listed as Romantic Suspense, which is a genre I read frequently. Unfortunately, this book disappointed me.  It was probably 80% romance/20% suspense; the romance was immature in my opinion and the suspense wasn’t very suspenseful. I will continue to watch this author as I think she has potential, but this book just didn’t quite make the mark.

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Out of the Embers book review by Mina R. Raulston

Out of the Embers (Amanda Cabot) – Book Review by Mina R Raulston

Author Amanda Cabot starts a new series with Out of the Embers. Travel to Mesquite Springs and meet Evelyn and Polly, two orphans running from danger. Then there’s Wyatt the local rancher whose plans to leave so he can see the world are changed when this young woman and child suddenly show up in the middle of a thunderstorm. This story keeps you on your toes until the very last, leaving you wanting for the other books in the series. 

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Still Book Review by Mina R. Raulston

Still: 7 Ways to Find Calm in the Chaos
Society today is bent on keeping people literally running the rat race. People are crying out for rest but don’t know how to find it. In this book, Jenny L. Donnelly sets readers straight that rest is not a state of being. Rest is a place within us. She takes readers through a search of all the ways people seek rest, takes them through several ways to find rest, teaches them how to position themselves for rest, and ends with Rest Training. In this crazy, speed crazed world, Donnelly gives readers the direction they need to find true rest, which is only found in Jesus.

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Always Look Twice book review by Mina R Raulston

Always Look Twice, 2nd novel in the series Uncommon Justice written by Elizabeth Goddard, keeps you guessing from beginning to end. Harper Reynolds is a crime scene photographer who needed a break from crime, yet gets thrown into the midst of a murder when she goes home to rest. Rancher Heath McCade is a childhood friend determined to protect her while also trying to protect everyone close to him. This book is a fast-moving drama about home grown terrorists, multiple bombs exploding, and two people trying to figure out if or how they fit together. Along the way Goddard shows some surprises and tells a great story.

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Unscripted Book Review By Mina R Raulston 10.28.19

Davis Bunn writes novels on a variety of subjects from Biblical history, romance, people rebuilding lives, ecological disasters, even archeology. Unscripted adds another subject to his repertoire. Bunn brings us the story about the struggle of a screenwriter to work his way from the obscurity to reach for stars. It tells about childhood loss, best friends, loyalty and betrayal, and the search for redemption. I encourage you to climb into this story and enjoy the suspense, the joys, sorrows, and surprises. Nothing predictable here, but an exciting story from beginning to end.

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Christmas in Winterhill – Book Review By Mina R Raulston

Christmas in Winterhill is a warm and wonderful story of a single mother and her little girl, moving from their established home to a small town several states away for the mother’s new job. Although we have heard many stories of how a person starts out not liking Christmas to learning to love it, this book tells about how this woman falls in love with an entire town and they embrace her and her child as if they had always been a part of the town. Take some time this holiday season that is just starting to slip away to a beautiful small town and enjoy an old fashioned Christmas.