Mina Raulston was divorced in 1989 because of domestic violence and has written extensively on the subject in newspapers and magazines. Mina also gives presentations on domestic violence and shares her testimony of God’s healing and deliverance to churches and community groups. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Mina is currently scheduling presentations for Fall 2009.


Mina Raulston has been a nonfiction freelance writer for more than ten years. She began as a staff writer for The Christian Citizen Newspaper in Dayton, OH and was an Education Reporter for The Urbana Daily Citizen Newspaper in Urbana, OH. Mina has published several articles for The Evangel Magazine and Christian Education and Leadership Magazine for Pathway Press Publishers in Cleveland, TN, and the Northern Ohio Church of God Magazine Northern Lights. She has also been published locally for Parent Magazine and ThisWeek Community Newspapers both owned by the Columbus Dispatch. Mina writes on a variety of other subjects including education, family and community events.

Mina is a mother of two grown children, both married, and has three grandchildren. She has lived in the Columbus, Ohio area since 2005.


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