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Book Review – Chasing Secrets

Chasing Secrets is Book 4 in the series Elite Guardians, written by Lynette Eason. Not your typical bodyguard agency, this company is “manned” mostly by women, beautiful women. But, don’t let their beauty fool you. Each and every one has special skills from law enforcement to Special Forces. Rest assured, they can protect their charges. Take a walk on the dangerous side with Haley Callaghan as she faces the nightmares of her childhood in West Ireland, as she pursues justice in her adopted home of South Carolina. Go along with Haley and Detective Steven Rothwell as they work to discover the secrets she can’t remember, the dangers assaulting her now, and stop a killer before she is killed. All the while she’s trying to get to know an Irish grandfather she didn’t know she had. Another great book by Lynette Eason that will be a great get-away for her current fans as well as her new fans.

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