Finding Wholeness


Many years ago I made the most difficult decision of my life and divorced my abusive husband of 14 years. For nearly four years after I was a post-traumatic mess. Then, I had an encounter with God that changed my life completely.

I didn’t get better with medicine and counseling, I got better when God healed and delivered me. I did utilize counseling and medicine for the short term while I tried to figure out how to build a new life. Then I attended a ladies retreat with the ladies from my church. It was our annual ladies’ retreat on Mother’s Day weekend and we stayed at a quaint, country inn.

By this time I had prayed every prayer I knew how to pray and claimed every scripture I could find that remotely related to my circumstances. I had come to the end of myself and all I knew. I prayed the only prayer I had left. “Father, please make the hurting go away.”

When I finished praying I felt an anvil lift from my chest, and my spirit felt free for the first time in years. Over the next few months God’s healing process continued and I began the journey to find my wholeness.

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