Anchor in the Storm Book Review

Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin – Book Review by Mina R Raulston

Lillian Avery, Ensign Jim Avery’s sister, goes to New York City to prove herself as a woman pharmacist, one with a physical disability. Ensign Arch Vandenberg, Jim’s best friend, much prefers time with his “average” friends than his wealthy family, especially after his recent sea battle that has his nerves rattled. In the midst of increasing danger as WWII escalates, follow Lillian and Arch as they search God’s will for their lives and for their future.

Anchor in the Storm, wonderfully written and historically accurate, Sarah Sundin once again tells a story of wartime dangers mixed with wartime romance. Her attention to detail woven within a fictional tale keeps readers captive until the very last word. Follow them on their journey while they sort through their fears and doubts and navigate the rough waters of relationships with family, friends and loved ones. Exciting story from beginning to end. I couldn’t put it down. Sarah Sundin is a master story teller and an expert on WWII.

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