Why Do I Write?

Why do I Write?

If you are a writer have you ever been asked why you write? I know that I have been asked that and similar questions. My son use to ask me whenever he saw me curled up in my favorite chair reading my newest book. He asked me one day, “Mom, how can you stand to just sit there and read?” I remember writing letters to people sometimes when I couldn’t put my thoughts into words unless I sat down and took time to mull over my feelings. There were many times when they misunderstood my meaning and I couldn’t understand their confusion. To me, my words made perfect sense. After my divorce people got tired of listening to me so I began writing to get all the overwhelming emotions out of me.

I had never journaled before. I had only written for school assignments and wrote based upon what my teachers assigned. So, when I started journaling I just began to pour out of my heart what I so desperately wanted to speak to someone. I needed someone to hear my heart’s cry and cover me with compassion but most of the people I knew had no understanding of how and why my heart was broken. Since I got free of my abuser so many people told me to just “get over it and get on with it.” They couldn’t see how deep the hurt went and how badly I needed to be loved and accepted unconditionally. I realize most of them didn’t mean harm; they just didn’t have a clue because they’d never been abused physically, mentally or emotionally.

As my writing continued my thoughts began to take shape and eventually when I showed some of my journals to a few close friends they encouraged me to submit it to somewhere for publication. Back then I didn’t think that was possible but over time I submitted to several places and my first article was accepted by The Christian Citizen, a Christian newspaper. For more than a year I wrote articles on a variety of subjects, some I suggested and others that were assigned. I didn’t even receive a paycheck at that time. I learned how to edit my articles for space. I began to learn how to interview strangers, quite a feat for me since I had been painfully shy with someone until I got to know them.

So, I guess my original reason for writing was a need to put my overwhelming thoughts and feelings down on paper, even if just for myself. Then, with God’s leading I developed the courage to put my writing out for the world to read, hopeful that my thoughts, my words, and my feelings would help someone else who was hurting to know that there is a God who cares and is there for them.

Even though I write for a number of other reasons today, which I will discuss in future posts, this is still the main reason I write. You see, when God healed me of all the pain after my years of abuse and my divorce I asked him one specific prayer. “God, please help me to do with words what an artist does with paint and canvas.” It is my prayer that no matter how long I write or what the subject is of my writing, that somewhere in everything I write readers will see the hope of God shine through and know that it is there for whoever reaches out to God to receive it.

Why did you first begin writing? Post your comments here to encourage others to write what is bursting to pour out of them.

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