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It’s Never Too Late


Are there dreams you still want to experience? Are there plans and goals you have almost given up on? What kind of reasons have you given yourself to give up? Do you tell yourself your too old, too tired, too, what? We’ve all heard about millionaires who didn’t even try to get rich until they retired, like Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken. But, do you know a real person who has done something wonderful and dramatic after a certain age? If not then celebrity stories may seem a little too far removed from you for reality. Well, let me tell you about a friend of mine who is as real a person as you and me.

Carolyn Williams has been divorced and she’s been widowed. She was a single mother for many years and remarried about two years ago. Soon after that she accomplished another feat; she published her first book, Mystery in the Pines through Tate Publishing. She and her husband travel around the United States, schedule book signings everywhere they go as well as regularly attending local fairs of all kinds to promote her book. Her husband is her best promoter. They are deeply in love and still act like newlyweds. You’d never know they were senior citizens. Neil is 74 and Carolyn is 69. They live life with a zest and joy that comes straight from God.

So, what is holding you back from chasing your dream?

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