Writing for Specialty Publications – Business

Business publications offer writers the opportunity to write about subjects of importance to the local community in many ways. If you write for a larger, more established publication such as Business First you will write serious business articles about both large and small businesses and any effect they have on the local job market, economy, politics, etc. Article subjects are as varied as the type of businesses in the area. You can choose to specialize in certain areas or write about any and all businesses depending on your experience and expertise. Articles are also published about national businesses that affect the local community. This is a paid subscription newspaper written to a business audience.

Another opportunity is to write for a smaller business newspaper. In my area there was a newspaper called Abec Small Business Review, a free newspaper dependant upon advertisements for income. The newspaper published 500 word profiles about small business owners in the area. The articles for this newspaper tell the inspirational story of how and why the small business owner started their business. The variety of businesses and the variety of inspirations for starting businesses made writing for this publication forever interesting.

What local business publications could you write for in your locale?

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