New Tip of the Day Column Begins

     So, you love to write and you’ve been told by a teacher or friend or relative that you have some writing talent but you’ve never been published anywhere. You’ve tried to submit to a few publications but every one wants published clips. How do you get those first published clips that will get you into the door of a paying publication?

     Every writer has to start somewhere and there are just as many ways to get your first clips as there are writers. Some are predictable such as writing for a high school or college newspaper. Some are completely off the wall such as posting your own writing anywhere you can talk someone into allowing you to hang it up. Each writer has to find their own way to get their works published.

     My new “Tip of the Day” column begins with a series of tips on how to begin gathering your first published clips. They may or may not pay but you could get some useful clips while adding experience to your writing tool belt. Just remember not to stay in the unpaid category any longer than necessary. Once you gather a few clips, even if unpaid, start sending your queries and clips to publications that will pay.

     Readers, please feel free to reply with your experiences in getting those first published clips.

4 thoughts on “New Tip of the Day Column Begins”

  1. Local newspapers and literary journals rarely pay but are great for building a personal ‘published’ resume and brilliant encouragement when you see your name in print 🙂


    1. Actually I was referring to Neighborhood Newspapers, which can either be in tabloid form or even a newsletter. These don’t pay. Community newspapers may be small but they use freelancers a lot and usually pay something. I have written for them as well. Glad to have you in the discussion.


      1. That just goes to show the variety of opportunities there are for writers everywhere. We just have to be looking for them. Thanks for joining the conversation.


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