Did you ever notice that when you make a grand stand that you are going to do something different that life throws everything it’s got against you to prevent you from doing something any differently than you have ever done it? We use to call it “Murphy’s Law”. In January 2011 I was determined to make some grand changes in my life and it seemed like the harder I tried the more things life threw at me.

     I went through multiple temp jobs and had several months of unemployment. I did manage to supplement a few times with some freelance work but it was irregular at best. God allows us to be tested to let us learn our limits, not him. He knows our limits because he knows everything. But, we need to know our limits. I hit a few of my limits last year and that’s ok. This is a new year and I am still resolved to count my blessings even if it means counting them in retrospect instead of in real-time.

          Last year, as challenging as it was, God provided for me in ways I cannot even divulge. No matter what challenges I have experienced God has always made certain that I was not homeless or starving or dying. Therefore I know that even when life makes no sense at all God is still in control. He just has no need to explain things to us.

           This year has already been a roller coaster ride. I started the year with a new job that is a regular staff job not a temp job; a month later one of my best friends died unexpectedly. That caught me totally off guard.

           This week God blessed me with a blessing that is one of the best things that can happen to a middle-aged woman. My youngest child gave birth to her first baby. I can’t wait until I can visit so I can see my daughter and her husband and hold and rock my new granddaughter. That’s a little slice of Heaven.

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