What motivates you to act? Is it incentive? Is it danger? Is it desire? Think about your life and whenever you made your biggest decisions what was the biggest motivator? For me the two biggest motivators have been fear and anger. I have always tried to get along with people so many times I set my needs aside for the good of the many. Feelings were many times buried because people told me that my personal feelings were not important to the circumstance. I learned that hurt feelings can only be buried for so long and then they will burst forth, usually as anger and frustration. I’m not a physical person so I fight my battles with words. You see, a person’s concerns cannot simply be dismissed. They must be addressed one way or another. When I finally left my abusive husband after fourteen years everyone asked how I finally made the decision to get free and stay free.  All I could tell them was that I got mad enough and scared enough at the same time.

     So, what motivates you? Does joy or sadness; anger or frustration; or just plain old-fashioned determination, something I also possess in large quantity,  move you to action?

     Today I attended a women’s conference at my church. The woman spoke on Soul Healing, the subject of her new book. God revealed to me a hurt that was so old I thought I had conquered it. The problem is I didn’t need to conquer it I needed to let God reach down and heal it just like he healed and delivered me from the pain and post traumatic stress of being married to an abusive husband. Tonight, after praying over what God revealed to me and what I should do about what God showed me, I pulled out a Bible study I had begun many years ago that it is now time to finish.

     The title is “Fear Not”. So, in the coming days my posts will be lessons from this Bible study. We will study the Word of God and look into our own hearts and souls to see what God wants to show us about fear and how he wants us to overcome it. I hope you will all join me in this study.

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