Mother’s both natural and spiritual

All of us had natural mothers and our relationships with them are as varied as our relationships with other people. My relationships with my own two children are different. But, mothers are a gift from God to children just like our children are gifts of God to us. I can’t imagine my life without my children and now my grandchildren. They are the greatest blessing God has ever blessed me with.

My own mother passed away almost 11 years ago and my children are grown so today was a quiet day. I had a short visit with my son and my daughter called tonight as she has always done since she went away to college. Her year-end choir trip always fell around Mother’s Day. But, even when she was in a place where our cell provider didn’t get service she found someone who did have service and called me. She always calls on my birthday and holidays in addition to our regular talks. This, despite the fact that we live 8 hours away from one another. We regularly exchange prayer requests and praises.

My relationship with both of my children is unique and I am grateful for both of them. My son and I may not talk as much but the Wednesday night that the tornadoes hit in Georgia my daughter called and asked for immediate prayer for God’s protection. I sent a text message to my son and he answered characteristically. “Praying now.” I had sent him a text msg because I knew he was in church and wouldn’t answer a call but a text message he could check without disrupting things. I also know he doesn’t pray hesitant prayers, he prays with confidence in God’s power.

As mother’s we teach our children as much by our actual lessons as by our behavior. I remember once after my divorce from their father I had reached an especially low point. I had decided in my fear and pain that I couldn’t go to church and go through the motions anymore. Many of my friends had abandoned me because they couldn’t handle my pain so I was feeling totally alone and scared. I told my kids they could still go to church if they got a ride but I just didn’t have the heart for it anymore. My son, who was about 14 and more like his mom than he’d like to admit told me, “Oh, no. You told me how you had to fight to get to go to church as a kid and had to bum a ride for years. You taught me to read the Bible and serve God. Your car ain’t broke and you ain’t sick. You will take me to church.” I forgot for a moment that me telling God to go away and leave me alone made as much sense as my son one time telling me to mind my own business. God created us and loves us with a love I don’t believe we will totally understand until we get to Heaven.

My daughter and I share of love of reading and talk often about Bible lessons we are studying and learning. One thing I can tell you is that whatever you taught your children while they were children they will remind you of  if and when you forget it. She will many times remind me of things I taught her or tell me of a new lesson she has learned related to something I taught her. She will encourage me and uplift me even if I’m in a low place.

Of any gift or blessing God could ever give me being a mother is the greatest. No honor, either from employers or publishers or anywhere else can even come close to the honor of being a mother.

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