Car Blessings April 16 2011

Wow! I’m already behind on posting to my blogs this year. So, here we go again. A month ago I moved to save money and two weeks later my car died. I rode the city bus for three days, something I’ve never done before. It was quite an experience, figuring out my route to and from work and adjusting my schedule so I didn’t miss my bus. I did it but it’s not my preferred choice of transportation. I was feeling a little low, But God.

            I received a call from a friend who invited me to attend a women’s conference with her and then offered to loan me her car temporarily until I could replace mine. It took me a full month but God directed me to a small car lot that only opened a few weeks ago. I found a nice little car in great condition for a good price. I have a car payment now but God has provided the rest so he’ll help me do this too. Now all I have to do is name her. I just need to get to know her better.

            This reminds me of my first car. I was seventeen years old and had been sharing my dad’s car going to and from work. But, scheduling was getting a bit complicated so, like any teenager I went to my dad to talk him into letting me get my own car. He told me to save up for a down payment, which I did. Then we looked for a car and found one and then he handed me the payment book. I paid on it for a year and then my dad took me to the loan company and had the loan put into my name. My dad was big on responsibility.

            My first car was like most people’s first car. It was old and not in very good shape. It had a lot of mechanical problems and I had to learn about cars whether it was “proper” for women to know stuff like that or not. I really felt like the car was an old curmudgeon so I named him Clancy. Does anyone remember the old television series Here Comes the Brides? The premise was bringing women to the town as prospective brides so the men wouldn’t leave. They traveled the last leg of the trip by ship and the ship’s captain was Clancy, an old grouchy sea captain. My car’s personality reminded me exactly of that sea captain.

            I think my new little car will have a much more pleasant personality. She is sleek and has several luxury features I wasn’t even seeking. She has no rust and handles very well, plus her engine is smooth and has good pickup. After the clunker I had been driving I’m going to have to be careful. But, I am thankful that God has blessed me with this little car.

            What has God blessed you with this week?

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