Happy New Year

Wow! It’s hard to believe we have entered a new decade. It seems like only a short time ago when so many people were fearing the end of life as we know it because of Y2K. Well, that’s all behind us now and we have new things in front of us to look forward to.
After trying a few things I’ve decided to re-launch my blog with some new organization – more to come on that as it develops. I’ve also decided to concentrate almost solely on writing rather than trying to do office services as well. I have simple goals for that.
First, my book, Home Should Be Safe – Hope and Help for Domestic Violence Victims will be published in 2011 so my intensity for finding a publisher has been upgraded. Last year went kind of off track and now I have to get back to business.
Second, I’m going to plan more articles and query more magazines rather than trying to find a full time job writing – very few seem to exist in places I actually want to live.
Third – I’m going to focus on more positive things, not just in life but in my writing. I’m trying my hand at some fiction pieces and I plan to enter some contests this year.
So, let’s get the new year going and stay in gear. Remember each day to count your blessings becasue God is good!

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